Saturday, September 14, 2013

Arab Terror

Israel is the only open and democratic society of the Middle East and it is their priority to get rid of it first. The claim that Osama bin Laden was "created" by the U.S. is propaganda waged by extremists. The popular claim that 9/11 was done by the Mossad also originates from that same source and directly contradicts the fact that many islamo-extremists celebrated 9/11 as a victory against the Jewish/American "oppressor". Between 1989 and 1996 Islamic-Jihad in Sudan kills 4 Million people. Bin Laden and his Muslim Brotherhood friends Al-Zahawiri and Al-Bashir masterminded the largest genocide since Hitlers bloodthirsty rampage through Europe. In 1994 yet another offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood is founded: The Taliban of Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden returns from Sudan to join the Taliban. The entire "War on Terror" is actually a continuation of the War against Nazis. Nazism survived. After WWII, through Project Paperclip, many German scientists were recruited to America. But most of the military officers obtained Visas to places like Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon. This is why Nazi-literature started appearing there in the 1950s. This is why between the late 40s and 70s one war after another was waged on the Jews from Arab states. The public has been led to believe that the Mideast conflict is all about land and Palestinians wanting self-determination. But if that were true, the conflict would have ended long ago. This is a much larger conflict with much deeper agendas. Do you really believe that Jews wanting 1% of Arab land, a little strip in the Desert which was practically uninhabited before, would lead to 50 years of terror? Prior to Israel being founded, the area was ruled by the British Empire, not by "Palestinians". Before that it was ruled by the Turkish Empire, again, not by "Palestinians" Palestinians are mostly Jordanians. The Homeland of Palestinians is Jordan. 100 years ago a large number of Palestinians were actually Christian. They were driven away from the area to make place for the new agenda. The reason the "Palestinians" rejected the U.N. proposals AND the Oslo proposals which would have given them 97% of what they claimed they wanted + Jerusalem as their capital, is because they do not actually want "peace" or two nations. They want "A Palestinian Nation from Jordan to the Sea".

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