Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Late Term Abortin

By definition, pride is an inflated sense of one's accomplishments or personal status. Arrogance is defined as an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumption. God is a God of order in a creation of sinful chaos. Both, the Church and Christians, need to fully understand that balance and order are parts of the nature of God, and thus, we are to reflect them. To be cavalier and enact legislation that seeks to be the sole solution in and of itself without considering, the resultants (ie. the children that will be born because of it into poor environments), is unbalanced. A better solution would reflect pro-life legislation that affords support, care, and services post-birth and for the remainder of that child's life. What we have seen lately is a refusal to acknowledge that balanced, solution focused legislation even exists. All too often, we see the pregnant mother as the problem, and forget the child after birth. Furthermore, while you are a part of the solution, the vast majority are not and would rather protest than be love in action and deed. Simply put, the church reflects God's best in the practical action it takes towards a balanced solution that considers the whole issue. When a democratic society and government chooses end-point solutions, the church should be ready to fill the gap and be the feet and hands of Christ. Amen! I love a good voice of reason. A balanced approach to this entire issue is one that is completely reasonable, logical and faith based. If you want to ban abortions completely, then be the Christian and Church that adopts and cares for all of the unwanted and impoverished children that result from unintentional or unwanted pregnancy. Be the Christian and church that cares for teen mothers and fathers who have made a mistake. When we sit on our hands and feet, and watch as children grow up in the foster care system, live in hunger and disease, face abusive and addicted parent/s, we become a part of the problem. To think that, by banning abortion, people are going to stop having sex and therefore we will not have to deal with this issue, is foolish, unwise and ignorant. To pass laws that are not accompanied by solutions to accommodate, what are known resultants, is foolish, unwise, and ignorant. To do all of this, in the name of God and for the purpose of protecting his creation, when in reality you are not, is a recipe for disaster. Being shortsighted and unwilling to discuss an entire issue, is nothing more than shorthand for being stupid.