Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remember 9/11

American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), Muslim March planned for Sept. 11. “They could’ve picked any other day of the year. There’s 364 other days of the year they could’ve picked, but the fact they chose 9/11 just simply apppears to be a slap in the face to America and an insult to every American who died in attacks on those days in 2001 and 2012. Miserable Muslims weren't satisfied with just the attack on 9.11, now they want to rub salt into the wounds of Americans. Knowing what happened to our country on 9.11 and then they pick this day to march is only about one thing and one thing only. They are letting us know they are here. Muslims are burning Christian Churches and killing Christians in Muslim countries and American Muslims are silent! A U.S. Army, radical Muslim physician, guns down innocent American soldiers! American Muslim perform honor killings according to Sharia law in the U.S.A.! Muslims are targeting and killing Americans over seas. American Muslims want Sharia Law imposed in this country! Muslims make no secret of their hatred for Jews and Christian. Why would non-Muslim Americans not be afraid? On a day when just about everyone knew were and what they were doing on 9.11 2001 it hit the American people very hard, for it made us look vulnerable to the Muslim radicals, even some Muslims in American were dancing in the streets with joy as three thousand American lade dead, first we felt fear then we felt anger. I remember George Bush standing with fire fighters with a bullhorn on top of a fire truck demolish by the World Trade Center, letting the World know we will come after those who did this. Today i know again i will feel proud again come 9.11. 2013 when two million bikers will stand tall and show the world what real America is all about in D.C. Not what Obama is trying to do to America by weakening the will and strength and bring this nation to it's knees. As bad as some people thought George Bush was, at least he stood with the American people when we needed a president to lead. We simply could not tolerate 9/11 being hijacked like that. It seems like a lot of people like to hijack things in this country, like Obama tries to hijack the word patriot for his progressives.” The fact of the matter is 9/11 is the day, across America, people remember planes smashing into the World Trade Center, a planes smashing into the Pentagon, and men and women willing to give their lives in another plane, whose last words were ‘Let’s Roll’ before crashing into a field in Pennsylvania.” Remember 9/11 and thousands who's live were lost by Islamic decree. Every man women and child that died there, so yes i am against the Muslim march on Washington on 9/11/13 as every American should be.

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