Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Obama's Choice"

Everyone basically everywhere has been voicing their opinion of what he should've done differently. It is basically, "Mind our own business and stay out of it." That is so much the prevailing opinion on this that it really isn't necessary to mention it in every article. That was the recommendation then and that is the recommendation now. Remember back when Obama's Presidency was just a week or two old and he tried to inject himself into a dispute between Pakistan and India? And both countries stopped bickering just long enough to turn to him and say, "Mind your own business"? Good advice, that. But it appears he has learned nothing from that. Apparently, America must "Do Something!". There's a big difference between being a leader and being a politician. Obama is a master politician, but even his slavish followers would be hard-pressed to call him a leader. Leaders get what they want by changing peoples' minds and enlisting them in a shared vision. Politicians get what they want through political calculus, tactics, stratagems, coercion, subversion of process, even lying or committing illegal acts. Obama is certainly successful a clear winner in so many battles but I can't think of any he's won through leadership. In fact, he's the most divisive politician in our lifetimes, perhaps the most divisive in America's history. I think Obama's style of decision making will become popular over the next two decades, as legions of local politicians take a page out of Obama's Governance-Through-Non-Governance Guide, realizing that taking a strong stand on any particular issue is bound to make someone mad better to keep your head down, straddle every issue, and never make an unpopular decision when you can get someone else to make it for you. Keep an eye on Colorado's Dem governor, John Hickenlooper. He used the Obama strategy recently when faced with the decision of letting the execution of an especially nasty murderer go forward, or granting him clemency. He did neither, and instead, kicked the can down the road for the next governor to decide. His re-election was seen as assured until this decision, or non-decision, now the governorship may be up for grabs. If he survives the next election, you may be calling him President Hickenlooper, circa 2020. The technique is frustrating, but it obviously works, and can be very successful for someone who keeps principle at arm's length. He seems to stand for everything that is against God. I believe he is deceptive and he just likes to say what people want to hear. There's alot of christians out there that are believing this man and letting him deceive them because they really believe he is a good christian man. Sure as president, you are the leader of a very diverse nation, but as a real christian, you would not use excuses as to why you're allowing innocent children to be murdered or saying it's not your right to impose on anyone's personal lifestyles. As a christian, you must stand on the Word and what God says. We, as a nation, should pray for our president. His government is taking us in the wrong direction. According to the Bible, he is not godly. He is pro-choice, he is pro-homosexualist, and pro-evolutionist. These views are against the Bible teachings.

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