Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sun Dried Blood

The US went into Iraq both times (Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom), because Saddam, as a member of the United Nations, was in violation of his agreements with the United Nations and their security council, and had been in violation since long before 9/11, in fact, since as early as 6 August 1990, when the first of many ultimatums were issued regarding his (Iraq's) conduct as a member state of the UN (member states are not allowed to invade their neighboring UN member states and take them over, as Saddam did in Kuwait, which prompted Desert Storm). Israel is also a member state of the UN, as is the United States, and as such, they have the same interest (and right) in policing the other members as the other members have of policing them. Israel had been on the "band wagon" for over 10 years of Saddam's UN violations and promises to "behave" like a good UN member state. Normally, when UN nations states are due for inspections, they just let the inspections happen as scheduled. When it came time for Iraq, especially in light of clear UN violations in the past, Saddam denied access to certain facilities, and in other facilities, there was clear evidence that he'd "cleaned it up" before the inspection, raising suspicion that he was up to his old tricks which had got him in hot water over the previous many years (attacking Kuwait, gassing his own people, supporting terrorist organizations, etc.).

Long before 9/11 was even a twinkle in the eyes of Muslims, Saddam was violating his responsibilities with the UN (gassing his own people, attacking neighboring UN member states, etc.), and they were being patient with him, giving him "resolution" after "resolution" in the hopes he would respect the fact that Iraq, had made certain promises as a member state. But alas, he didn't, which led the UN to issue their final ultimatum, resolution 1441 in 2002 in which they clearly outline what Iraq, as a member state, must do to avoid being compelled to abide by their promises under the UN charter. The UN charter, which Saddam signed onto, allows for the UN security forces to enter a member state and police that member if it becomes evident that the need exists. (You may be familiar with the UN Security Forces or UN Peacekeepers as they are often called).

It actually all started when Saddam wanted to court the West, and asked to be admitted into the United Nations. Upon entry into that organization, along with all the perks he got for being a member, and all the protections afforded UN member states (there are many of these UN member states, Muslim and non-muslim, he also had to promise to abide by the rules of the UN charter. Killing your own people, or not allowing inspections of your weapons facilities, are a no-no. After several refusals to uphold UN rules, Saddam was given several ultimatums. These ultimatums or "resolutions" are in keeping with strict UN rules. If a UN member state is found to be in violation of the rules of the UN, which the member state agreed to upon their acceptance into the UN, then it is the job of the UN security council and its inspectors to go in and inspect by force if necessary. Of course, they asked over and over again to be allowed to enter and time and time again, those requests were denied, or there were clear signs Saddam was being deceptive.

When the UN inspectors, accompanied by the UN security forces and the Coalition Forces, went into Iraq Saddam (as he had promised he would do in a statement he made the previous week) declared war on them that day, and so, the war began. The loyalist baathist party members rallied behind Saddam and had to be neutralized. What ensued after that was a power-grab between Islamic tribes within Iraq. There is nothing new here. It is the same story that always occurs in a power vacuum in the Middle East. It happened when Saddam first came to power. Now, we have a winner: Karzai and the shi'as, and we have losers: the sunnis. Now add to that the hatred that exists between the shi'a and sunni camps, and then, add to the the hatred that exists between the baathists and other groups within Iraq, and you have a perfect storm. It is Islam which creates the problems that exist in Iraq. If there had been no divisions between sunnis and shi'as in Iraq, there would not be the daily bloodbath we see between them as they each battle the other for control of the new Iraq after Saddam. If there had been no Islam in Iraq, they would be on their way to peace and a higher standard of living than under Saddam. Instead, they are on their way to reducing Iraq to a wasteland of scorched earth and sun-dried blood.

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