Thursday, September 19, 2013

Convert or Die

The early history of Muhammad and his ceaseless Islamic conquests are horrifying he presided personally over 100 raids and deadly battles. In his "safe-haven" of Medina he ordered the beheading of all males (as many as 900) of one of the Jewish tribes that lived there, the Qurayza, which had fought many battles for Muhammad but had reached their limit. Even though they had surrendered this slaughter was carried out. Two other Jewish tribes in Medina had earlier been offered a choice convert or be exiled. Lucky for them they had choice. If there's any doubt as to the butchery of early Islam, any amout of research into Khalid ibn al-Walid, the so-called "Sword of Islam", a crony of Muhammad, will help you see the dark. Muhammad's letters to regional kings have been well preserved. The overall message convert or lose everything. Within a century the bloodbath started by Muhammad had spread well beyond the Arabian Peninsula in the form of a Muslim Empire that stretched from the borders of China and the Indian subcontinent, across Central Asia, the Middle East, Persia, North Africa, Sicily, and the Iberian Peninsula, to the Pyrenees. Centuries of Islamic military campaigns into India killed untold millions. Centuries of trying to overthrow the Roman Catholic Church from Constantinople finally succeeded in 1453. The history of Islam is at once fascinating and sickening. The Q'uran taught Muslims to fight in the way of Allah until all of humanity submits. That mindset is alive and well today even "peaceful" Muslims will admit their mission is to convert the world. But there are plenty of "old-school" Muslims who feel the use of force is more effective. They are the ones responsible for the estimated 21,439 terror attacks aross the globe since 9/11. Muslims have long decried that Islam is a peaceful religion. I have studied this for a long time and I don't see the facts to back this up. The fact is that is only one Q'uran yet, different interpretations of the same are practiced. All share the same verses calling for death and destruction to unbelievers. With so many Muslims in the world, why isn't there any opposition to that message?. The reason is that they know and understand full well what the Q'uran says about unbelievers and they apologise that it not how they practice Islam. Well, again the Koran is said to bed Gods words. God said Kill all unbelievers do you not follow his literal message? To compare Islam to all of the other large religions of the world is an insult to these other religions. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism do not have the history of violence that Islam has. It is a matter of degree to say the least. The first half of the Q'uran may sound peaceful enough, but the second half spells out the true violent goal of Islam. Spread Islam to engulf the globe. Those who do not convert are either killed or "tolerated". Islamic toleration consisted of anything from higher taxes, career retardation, sectioned off ghettoes, boy tribute to man the Janissaries, to raiding parties for women, and to outright enslavement. When Islam was strong its neighbors rightfully fear it. From Iberia, to France, to Italy, to the Balkans, to the Greek Isles, to the Caucases, to the Indian subcontinent, to Subsaharan Africa and anywhere else Islam attacked they slaughtered, annihilated, and exterminated. It took many centuries for the "Border" countries to fight off the Islamic onslaught. But this has all been forgotten. Today Islam is flexing its petrodollars. They are once again showing their true colors. If they cannot win at first with brute force then they will infiltrate and colonize by emigration. Beware the moderate Muslim. Are they a wolf in sheep's clothes? Will they enjoy the freedoms of progressive countries only to fall back into fundamentalist line once their new homes are dominated by Islam? Is the glass half full or half empty? The optimists in the progressive countries believe that Moslems will come and be quickly assimilated. But will they convert to Judeo-Christianity or will they grow in numbers so great that politicians will do whatever it takes to receive their votes? When a Global Calafate dominates the middle east, based on the literal word of God all unbelievers will be hunted down by the very same religion of peace. Their message convert or die.