Thursday, October 3, 2013


A true phobia is physiologically impairing, not just a religious disagreement. Eg. Agoraphobia = Paralyzing panic attacks, Glossophobia = paralyzed with fear/memory loss/ throat muscles close up when speaking in public/front of a crowd/stage fright. Arachnophobia = paralysis/cold sweats merely at the sight of a picture of a spider, Acrophobia = Fear of heights = Muscles physically seize up, involuntary trembling etc, when approaching a high bridge/ledge. Physical symptoms often accompanying social anxiety disorder include excessive blushing, sweating (hyperhidrosis), trembling, palpitations, nausea, and stammering often accompanied with rapid speech. "Impairment in social or occupational activities" is what separates a phobia from a normal concern/ argument/fear.

People who throw around "phobia" labels without even attempting to back up a true phobia with evidence are to be taken no more seriously than a teenager screaming "are you brain damaged" when losing an argument. It's exactly the same process of projecting a fake medical diagnosis to try and hide the two common logical fallacies of "Hasty Generalization" and "Poisoning the Well" behind to try and discredit the person speaking their concerns. It could be equally dishonestly argued that many people falsely throwing around "Islamophobia" are themselves suffering from "Allodoxaphobia" (an irrational fear of someone else expressing an opposing opinion/disagreeing) surrounding Islam.

And further, it could equally be argued that certain Islamic theocrats suffer from Chorophobia (Sharia-outlawed fear of dancing), Cyberphobia (Sharia-outlawed fear of Internet cafes), Dishabiliophobia (fear of undressing in front of someone), Geniophobia (fear of seeing chins (in Burka required areas)), Genuphobia (fear of seeing knees), Gymnophobia (fear of nudity), Heresyphobia (fear of challenges to official doctrine), Heterophobia (fear of mixing with the opposite sex (in Sharia sex-segregated areas)), Kolpophobia (fear of seeing female genitalia), Omphalophobia (fear of seeing belly-buttons), Potophobia (fear of alcohol), Peccatophobia (fear of sinning), and Xenophobia (we are better than the Dhimmi). And that would be equally ridiculous to reel off that lot every time Sharia Law debates come up, wouldn't it?

In order to be taken seriously, the burden of proof for genuine "Islamophobia" lies on actually proving someone holds a clinical irrational fear/anxiety disorder to the point of being impaired of functioning in the presence of Muslims, and not just a normal human rights vs religion disagreement that's often "conveniently" taken out of context for the purpose of feeding the "grievance industry" and milk political capital out of it. For that reason, "Islamophobia" is neither a serious medical nor objectively measurable "phobia", just another repackaged political attack label that's only slightly higher class than "retard" Youtube-level teenage "debate" and heading the same way "anti-Semitism" is - overused to the point where it becomes devalued.

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