Friday, September 6, 2013

America's Dangerous Slide

When the United States ceases being an empire, like Rome ceased being an empire, she will no longer carry the world's load. Isn't that what a superpower does, carry the world's load? Few Americans would argue, following the 9/11 attacks, that some kind of retaliation wasn't in order. Who was behind those murderous attacks? Saudi Arabia, Pakistan? I think What Americans are tired of, is occupation, nation building, "winning hearts and minds," implanting democracy, etc. A great world empire must look out for her interests. Does a great world empire have moral obligations, when dictators use or threaten to use weapons of mass destruction such as chemical, biological or nuclear weapons? What should be our response? Do you think it conceivable given Iran's apocalyptic and murderous ideology, given their state sponsorship of terror world-wide, given their threats to annihilate Israel and the United States, is it possible that Iran might make good on her threats one day should they possess many dozens, perhaps hundreds of nuclear devices? What should we do? Sit by and wait for that eventuality? Why are the Republicans even talking about Syria? Iran is the controlling force behind Syria. What will American prestige mean when we get into another war that may be difficult to get out of? Obama's purpose for drawing the U.S. into a war with Syria is to distract attention from Iran's nuclear program and prevent an Israeli strike on Iran not to mention to continue to weaken the U.S. military. McCain should be pressuring Obama to support Israel not carrying water for the Muslim Brotherhood. Isolationists have to look at the big picture. Syria is only a side show to the main event Iran. It was an eye opener to learn of Iran's sinister use of Hezbollah to subvert and subjugate Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and Iraq to form the Shia Crescent and all to distract the U.S. while they perfect the Imam Hussein Atomic Bomb. When Iran has their nuke, they will hold the World hostage by threatening the Arabian Gulf countries, which pump 60% of the Worlds oil. The U.S. Britain and France have been on the wrong side throughout this conflict in supporting a ragbag of extremist groups, whom the news media like to call 'the rebels', against the government of Syria, the so-called 'régime'. For the first time in a long life, in this particular situation i find myself on the side of Russia in backing the government of Syria. It was to Syria that Catholics and other persecuted Christian groups of that region had fled in recent times to find a haven. The indigenous Christians of Syria, too, enjoyed a safety to live their Christian life. When one hears Obama, Biden, and Kerry in the U.S. with Cameron and Hague in Britain, deplore the spectacle of more than 100,000 deaths and 2.5 million displaced caused by this conflict, one has to wonder to what extent they, themselves, might have exacerbated the situation there by their long and surreptitious and now open supply of weapons, and other assistance, to those extremist groups who hate everything the West stands for, including democracy. It is quite possible that we would now have a state of peace in that ancient and historically important land without this support of Western governments to those groups.

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