Monday, September 30, 2013


I grew up and continue to live in a consumerist capitalist society in which most people, when asked in a census or similar research, claim to have religious belief. Most religious writings I have read from all sorts of religions seem to push the idea that enough is plenty, avarice is bad and any true meaning to life comes not from the acquisition of material wealth but from contemplation and compassion. Not bad as a starting point. However, hypocrisy seems too small a word to describe the situation in most of the western developed world.

Why don’t religious leaders really tell it like it is, tell their followers that they really shouldn’t be chasing after that new car, telly, phone etc. because it won’t bring them lasting happiness. Why don’t passers by give to beggars rather than criticising them for being scrounging drunks if the majority of people claim some kind of religious belief?

I have come to find that Anti-theists are those who are sick and tired of watching "faith" axiomatically trump every argument for its mere "virtues" they are also sick and tired of hearing stories about the stoning and persecution of homosexuals and "undesirables" by the followers of a 1st century theology, the murder of people for blasphemy, the ritual mutilation of male and female children, the conflation of sadomasochism to a virtue through a love and fear relationship and to the daily lying to children about the material universe and the evolutionary process. Absolutely disgusted with the contempt all religions hold for women, unbelievers and those who would challenge it and its suborning of the most torturous vile murder and campaigns of genocide throughout our species history and some which continue through to this day.

Now in this modern century it asks us to forget what it has done and tolerate like the good people it claims only it can make through the fear of a tyrannical god and his moral precepts. I can't unknow what the Church and the Caliphs and Mullah's used to do and still do with its martyrdom and "honor" morality where the killing and throwing of acid is tacitly understood along with the murder of apostates and where the death of millions of Africans and others is still being actively implicated through the teaching's of the Vatican. A day will come when religions will have to apologize for what they are doing today. The unbelievers and "heretics" who had to watch as their societies turned into superstitious bloodbaths for a vile idea of perfection.

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