Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why we support Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

The Christians, who make up some 10 percent of the 22 million Syrian population, have shown support for the existing Syrian government, much to the consternation of the opposition, which increasingly is being infiltrated by al-Qaida and other Islamic fundamentalist groups. Among those is the Muslim Brotherhood, which considers the Christians to be infidels.While many Christians regard the Assad regime as repressive and want an open, democratic, inclusive and religiously tolerant society, they realize that there will be no such developments with a change of regime, especially some sort of Muslim Brotherhood puppet government.For the life of me, I can't understand the foreign policy of this illegal administration. We have watched country after country fall to this "Arab Spring" fiasco, supported by the U.S. and the U.N. The truth is, we are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of democracy, which is not the intention of the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria is fighting a civil war against the Brotherhood, and instead of us supporting Syria, we are aiding the Brotherhood who's first order of business is to eliminate Christians and democracy. The executions in Syria are not at the hands of the government, but the Brotherhood, and the innocent women and children killed are christians. The Muslims and the Islamists are fighting side by side. If you notice, the Islamists didn't take over a mosque or a temple, they took over a Christian church thus violating one of the most sacred rules governing war. We need to thank God the military government in Egypt has the nerve to step up and keep the brotherhood from taking over Egypt. We need to pray we get this fool out of the White House before he gives the U.S. over to the brotherhood or the Socialist Party, both of which he is a member in good standing.

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