Monday, September 9, 2013

Muslim Values and Western Society

It seems most Western people are unaware of 1. Real Western values, 2. How our values form a safe society, 3. That these values need protection, and 4. That other cultures (Muslims) want to conquer our values and society. Western societies value individual freedom to choose, equality for all, honest fair dealing with others, innocent till proven guilty. These values (like it or not) come from Christian values to love God, love neighbours, and forgiveness. They result in democracies with politicians generally accountable, and independent courts decide on the rule of law. Democracy with insdividual choice plus capitalism where individuals can save and choose to invest is not perfect, but it is a least bad framework. Sadly, Muslim values are totally opposed to all those values and end up with the opposite results as their societies are riven by corruption, general repression, murders and chaos. They promote inequality and discrimination. They are based on apartheid by gender, race, colour and faith. The result is slavery flourishes in Muslim lands. UK muslims are even claiming welfare cheques are the jihax tax, a tax for being inferior, that kuffirs must pay muslim rulers! Despite the blatant discrimination and inequality defined in Islam, liberals seem unable to see the blatant apartheid. This shows the success of Islamic takeyya the Koranic code of deception to confuse and conquer kuffirs. Saud spending on propoganda is now more than the USSR at it's peak, and funds university posts, mosques everywhere and propoganda about how nice Spain was after conquest by Moors. Liberals are taken in by the repeats of 'islam is peace'. Islam means obedience. 100% Muslim states like Saudi Arabia only survive by huge police repression with extreme violence, death sentences and discrimination against all others such as women beaten for actions not authorised by their male owner. The key issue is violence implicit in muslim values with the death sentence for any free choice of another faith, or no faith. The cover of being a faith is used by muslims to deflect any criticism of their violence using alleged insults. While in fact the rules on violence have political and economic aims. Killing a political rival was Mohammed's main weapon, he even had a poetess who was critical of him murdered. And in his last 8 years he lead 70+ deadly raids killing off rival tribes and stealing booty to pay his followers. Western liberals seem totally unaware of how arbitrary violence is imbedded in muslim values. This violence does not need a court or any reference. There is no fair protection for the victim. It is a duty of a Muslim to kill another who changes faith. The concept is so inhuman and a denial of all human rights that liberals can not believe it is really true. This is the reverse of Western democracy. In islam personal and political disputes are often settled by murder, even domestic disputes in UK muslim homes suffer extreme violence and 'honour killings' are now known in the UK. They are a dishonour. Even ministers in Pakistan who want reform of 'blaphemy laws' have been murdered by their own bodyguards who are then hailed by Pakistani lawyers profitting from the laws. The whole edifice is based on superiority of Islam and enforcing that on others by violence and corruption is acceptable just results in social disintegration and chaos. This is the state of Pakistan now, only kept afloat by Western Aid money. Numbers of Muslim states are blackmailing the West to support them or they as Failed States they could become a danger. They operate islamic rules, collapse and need Western money to help them, while calling the West evil! The rich Muslim states give minimal help. Wikileaks revealed the Sauds demanding the West 'cut the head of the Iranian snake'. Saud has a powerful military, yet wants the West to do the dirty work. Pakistan takes $5Bn a year western aid, spends it's own money on nuclear bombs, and leaves 7 million children with no school. Of course they knew Bin Laden was in the huge compound beside the Pakistani Sandhurst. The ISI is deadly efficient running wars in Kashmir and Afghanistan. It has milked the West for money to combat terrorism, while promoting terrorism to keep the money flowing. Muslims know their rules promote violence and corruption and use that excuse to milk money from the gullible West. The Arab spring will become very bloody as tyrants increase violence and protesters become desperate, knowing if they lose they will be hunted down. But they have no choice. UK liberals seem unaware the burka and veil and muslim symbols are banned in many muslim lands as symbols of violent aggression. The claim of being for faith is takeyya, as there are no rules for total cover. The burka is a political message to support violent Muslim action. When will the left wing Liberals realise they have been sold out by Labour who imported millions of violent extremists who have far right wing policies. Labour wanted more voters regardless of the effect on the Uk and their own supporters. The 200+ islamic terror cells now in the UK were imported by Labour who subverted all national interests and common sense to get voters in.

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