Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Islam the misunderstood Religion"

People always talk about how religion is misunderstood and especially Islam, but it isn’t. When 100% or even 80% of the things coming out of Islam is what we see, then there is no misunderstanding and it was about high time we sat down and connected the dots and saw this religion (like all religions) for what they are instead of sitting here watching another atrocity be committed in the name of Islam and politely nodding out of a false sense of decorum. Islam is not misunderstood. No religion is. The things you see coming out of Islam and countires where Islam is the forced state religion is what you get. There is no grey area, no misunderstood anything, no shades of grey, no in between. Islam is what it is: a hateful, intolerant, violent and militant religion asking subservience and obedience by its followers under penalty and by employing scare tactics. Any abused individual will tell you that “obeying” someone out of fear is not love, it is fear. And there is nothing warm, divine, enticing, great and peaceful about fear and about coercing people by induction of fear. When your religion is in the habit killing those who disagree with you or exerting control over people regarding every aspect of their lives: from what they wear, what they listen to, what they watch, what they say and heck even what they think, you cannot tell me that your religion is a peaceful one that is gravely misunderstood.

A mass exodus of Christians is currently underway. Millions of Christians are being displaced from one end of the Islamic world to the other. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recently said: “The flight of Christians out of the region is unprecedented and it’s increasing year by year.” In our lifetime alone “Christians might disappear altogether from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt.” In 2003, Iraq’s Christian population was at least one million. Today fewer than 400,000 remain—the result of an anti-Christian campaign that began with the U.S. occupation of Iraq, when countless Christian churches were bombed and countless Christians killed, including by crucifixion and beheading. The 2010 Baghdad church attack, which saw nearly 60 Christian worshipers slaughtered, is the tip of a decade-long iceberg. In Egypt, some 100,000 Christian Copts have fled their homeland soon after the “Arab Spring.” In September 2012, the Sinai’s small Christian community was attacked and evicted by Al Qaeda linked Muslims, Reuters reported. But even before that, the Coptic Orthodox Church lamented the “repeated incidents of displacement of Copts from their homes, whether by force or threat.

The problem, and it may be a News Media problem, is that we see few Muslim leaders willing to stand up in a Muslim Nation and speak out against what most of the world looks at as barbaric. Public whippings, beheadings, cutting off hands, terrorist acts, treating children as property, arranged marriages, not educating girls, women not having equal rights as men, honor killings, killing an individual who leaves their faith, killing Christians and Jews, etc., etc. The truth is people, in most of the non-Muslim nations, assume that all Muslims uphold these acts regardless of where they live. We hear Muslim Religious leaders justifying not condemning these acts.The problem for Islam is that the Quran contains countless commands that Muslims kill nonbelievers and apostates, treat women as inferior beings, and stifle free speech to anyone who is critical of this religion. At the same time, the religion teaches that Mohammad is infallible and that the Quran is the indisputable word of Allah. But then, "moderate" Muslims defy literally hundreds of passages of the Quran, so that they will not be terrorists and abusive to women. How do moderate teachers tell Muslims to deal with these contradictions? How do you tell them to ignore Allah's instructions to kill the infidels and commit other brutal and abusive acts? And once a Muslim accepts that his holy books is rife with false and unacceptable instructions, why would he want to continue in this religion?

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