Thursday, September 26, 2013

Democrat Scandals

Back when the Shaw of Iran was in power, a dictator to be sure, but an ally of ours for decades, he asked Carter for help against about 500 dissidents who were threatening the stability of Iran. Carter said no, and about the next day, the Shaw was being paraded in the streets, over thrown, our people were hostages. And repression became the fact of life for Iranians, and the regime started on its path to today. The beginning of the present nightmare that is Iran. Under the Shaw, women wore western clothing, went to college, traveled freely, secret police yes, but the Shaw westernized the country. The hostages were released the day Reagan became president. Carter and his fellow democrats like to say it was to embarrass Carter, but Iranians themselves who speak up, say it was because they took Reagan's measure, and figured it would be the prudent thing to do. Think ATC strike and the Russians paying close attention to how Reagan handled that, to see how he would be in the up-coming SALT talks. Clinton took us to war to distract us from his sexual disgraces. And now we have the monster in the White House presiding over a mess he created and encouraged for five years. Allies of ours out of office in several countries, with Obama's encouragement, and radicals in place. Are we going to war, helping Al Qaeda, to save face for the narcissist? Notice how last week it was "A shot across the bow." and now this weeks it is that we need 70,000 troops on the ground. Lies, corruption, and deception surround this horror in the White House. Our enemies respected and feared Bush, and were afraid to test him. Now, the radicals know they have a friend in Obama, and the chaos in the region has his name all over it. The U.S. looks weak and vulnerable, all the while we are being disarmed by Obama, and more vulnerable to attack by the people he enrages. People need to be looking, by the way, at the long time ties between Obama, Jarrett, and the Saudis. (Remember the bow?) Hence his reluctance to go after bin Laden, and hence his lack of involvement in any way, to the attack on the compound. (Thank Panetta and Hillary for getting that done, and telling Obama once it was underway.) When do people realize what a disaster the democrats, especially as presidents, are for our country? And, twice as many troops killed under Obama's five years, that Bush's eight. Twice as many. So far. And, by the way, does anyone notice that all those Syrian weapons will have Iraq's name all over them? Hussein had six months warning, and plenty of time to hide them in Syria.

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