Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hope for the Future

I've been in Africa and seen children with swollen bellies foraging for food through rubbish dumps. That's poverty it breaks your heart. It makes you cry. Do you have no wish to see children start life with a reasonably similar chance in life? How can they do that when they begin so unequal? Every indicator shows things are set to get more and more unjust, where talent and hard work have less and less chance of determining a child's future, but luck of birth decides their fate. The long term answer to eradicating child poverty is increased spending on support services and improvements in a child's education that will ensure that the next generation grow up to be happy and responsible adults who will be an asset to our society. Having a primary education is a right of every child. Providing universal education to the children must be one of the "Millennium Developmen Goals". My heart breaks for even one children i see in poverty. Poverty exists hand in hand with many forms of exclusion. It creates despair. Poverty in childhood can blight life chances and cause long term health problems. Poverty is about much more than money. It is about the kind of society we build between us. It is about opportunity and the right to freedom. Our children need hope for their future! My wife and i believe that children are blessings from God and we treat them as such. The most important thing for a child is to know he/she is loved and cherished, regardless of whatever expectations we, as parents, may have.It is time for you to stand up against poverty now!

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