Monday, September 2, 2013

Islamic Spring

Spring of spiders?Spring: The fields are covered by thousands blooming flowers.Life is celebrating everywhere! However if the fields are covered by thorns, flowers are not blooming and the spiders are flourishing. The Arabs unrest results in Islamist parties taking power.Islamists parties agenda doesn't stand against the Islamist ideology pillars of: 1-one religion Islam 2-one government Kalifat 3-one law-Sharia 4:imposed worldwide by an endless war. The western politicians' and media prisoners in their definition of revolution and democracy refuse to listen what is being said in Arabic and not English.Is the free world the spider (Islamists) pray? Will the free world turn to be the spider (Islamist) PREY?Time will tell.--Remember: The Nazi get power by democratic elections. Lesson: Understand a ideology before supporting their power takeover. The price played later opposing the implementation of such ideologies is beyond imagination. USA helped Taliban to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan without taking seriously their Islamic Jihad ideology. The world harvests the terror seeds on daily basis. Remember to enquire Islamist stand for the followings published and said often in Arabic however rarely in English."1:"JIHAD AGAINST NON-MUSLIMS IS OBLIGATORY" Muslim can come closer to Allah by waging jihad against all non-Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, or polytheists in every possible manner.Total rejection of non-Muslims and of the Muslims who have strayed from the path of Islam Muslim brotherhood ideology pillar: By Dr Ahmad ‘Abd Al-Khaleq in about Al-Walaa Wa'l-Bara. Refer to Muslim Brotherhood Website- Oct 17 2012: Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo's most prominent mosque 2011 Nov 25 attendants vowing time and again, a Koran quote vowing that "ONE DAY WE SAELL KILL ALL THE JEWSs" 3:Muslim brotherhood leader speech in Cairo before 1 million people "HITLER DIDN'T FINISHED THE JOB THE MUSLIMS WILL FINISH THE JOB"

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