Sunday, September 8, 2013

From beginning of Islam 3

The greatest threat facing the civilized world today is its own ignorance about Islam. Unfortunately for Muslims, and considerably more so for the rest of the world, Islam is extremely strict and uncompromising, as to the loyalty and dedication of its members. Any revelation of Allah (through the prophet Muhammad) must be taken as a holy mandate, and can only be amended, or superseded, by another revelation. This has seldom occurred. All verses of the Koran and the Haddith urging death or subjugation of infidels are still in place. Since secular jurisprudence is practically nonexistent in the Muslim world, the inflexible code of the Shari'a rules. From the 7th century, and to the present, the openly stated goal of Islam is to bring the entire world into Dar Al-Islam, or the "peace" of Islam. This is a clearly defined condition under which no other system is tolerated. For Islam, any society not willing to subjugate itself, to complete Islamic authority has automatically placed itself in a state of war, or Dar Al-Harb, with Islam. Absolutely no other provocation is necessary! This is a unique concept, but for Muslims appears to be entirely logical. Their reasoning seems to be that since Allah (Muhammad) has given mankind the perfect recipe for living on earth, any society opposing His (Allah’s / Muhammad’s) holy mandates is undeserving of any consideration whatsoever. Therefore, those unenlightened souls have only themselves to blame for the consequences of not accepting Allah and Muhammad as His Last and Most Perfect Prophet. That the consequences for these “unenlightened” entail genocide, rape and slavery, as well as a host of other denigrating conditions is, in the eyes of Muslims, only their just desserts. As used by Islam, an intermediate condition, between Peace and War, is Dar Al Sulh. Dar Al-Sulh exists while Islam is attempting to gain sufficient power before fully launching into Dar Al-Harb. Nigeria, though mostly in the state of Dar Al-Sulh, is entering more into Dar Al-Harb as Muslims gain more political and demographic power. For example, the train bombings of Spain in the Spring of 2004 and those of the London transit system in the Summer of 2005 are good examples. As Muslims grow in power, such terrorist acts will become more common. You don't have to be a Christian, or even religious at all, to prove that Muhammad was a gigantic fraud, that "Allah" was a creature of Muhammad's own imagination, and that the Koran isn't worth the paper it's written on. He wanted to be even greater than Jesus Christ. That presented a serious problem, but it was a problem which he solved in his own way. His solution should have gotten him in hot water, and exposed him as a cheat and a liar but, because followers of the blind are often themselves blind, and seldom pay attention to details, he got what he wanted. Over a billion people think of him as the holiest of all prophets, and Islam as the greatest of all religions. The "Glorious" Koran, a book loaded with super-pious platitudes, endorses warfare, murder, torture, world conquest, and even suicide for "Allah's cause". Most unusual is heaven with beautiful "spouses" for those who "fight and die for "Allah." This is a carrot on a stick to encourage daring and recklessness in battle. Even suicide bombings are legitimate in the eyes of "Allah," the result of desperate and heroic methods of warfare. The ultimate goal of the Koran is to force conversion of the whole world to Islam, peacefully if possible, otherwise by coercion, enslavement, torture, murder, or any other means. Muhammad has managed to dupe many theological intellectuals by claiming that his religion is monotheistic.

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