Thursday, September 12, 2013

Israel Has "right to defend itself"

This is not a new war, just a new phase of a very old war. Although Islam started off as peacefully, it became very violent when Jews, Christians & Mohammad's own tribe refused to believe that Mohammad was a prophet. For what holy prophet comes with a bloody sword? Muhammad set the example for antisemitism. The oldest extant biography of Muhammad, by Ibn Ishaq is replete with the Prophet's evident hatred of Jews. Most people don't realize that Mecca and Yathrib (Medina) were Jewish and Christian enclaves. Mohammad had individual Jews assassinated if he felt they had somehow insulted or disobeyed him. When Muhammad gave the command "Kill any Jew that falls into your power," an increasing number of attacks were made upon members of the three large Jewish tribes that dominated the area. The Sirah, written in the 7th Century, records that "Our attack upon God's enemy cast terror among the Jews, and there was no Jew in Medina who did not fear for his life." In 627 AD, Mohammad personally oversaw the extermination of the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza, He built a trench and then cut off the heads of 600-800 Jewish Tribesmen, and then he and his men raped the women and children and sold them off as slaves. Mohammad then used the land and wealth from the Jewish tribe to fund more to attacks on Jewish and Christian tribes in Mecca and Medina. Just like the technique used by the Nazi's in WW2 to fund their war with the wealth from the Jews that they killed. Nothing has really changed since then. We have been dealing with Muslim factionalism for 1400 years now. Islam is not the Religion of Peace. It is a cult of Death and Terror. Islam's two gods, Allah and Mohammad are the embodiment of the deepest and darkest evil in this world. The Jews have never been immediately welcome anywhere, throughout their entire history. Has it been due to religious persecution during the crusades and even modern Islamic writings? That most likely had a large contribution. But regardless, the Jews did not move into an area that was inhabited only by Arabs. There were Jews living in that area, completely at peace with their Arab neighbors. In fact, anyone using the term "Palestinian" was more likely referring to a Jew rather than an Arab before 1940. The Jews moved largely into completely desolate areas that Arabs sometimes moved through as nomads. The several existing population centers of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other were small and could not easily support growth without Jewish innovation of course. The Jews irrigated the land, and turned desert sands into parks and paved cities. Dry, merciless land was adapted by hard working European immigrants in the late 1900s and early 20th century into a habitable area amid the desert. The Arabs could have lived in peace, and taken the 50% of the land that Britain awarded them in the area when the Mandate of Palestine was dissolved, but instead were jealous of the newly habitable areas the Jews developed and claimed that land was theirs, causing the Palestinian refugee debate. The Arabs there were no different in culture from their neighbors, and would have had no difficulty assimilating, unlike the Jews in ewery area they tried to move to. They would not have wanted the old arid desert that "was their land for generations" if it weren't for the revamping by the Jews. This dissent and in my opinion, general antisemitism in the world, has allowed the Palestinian cause stick for so long when there are great atrocities going on in the world, Africa and Asia namely. They elected a terrorist organization as their leadership they hide in schools and religious buildings because they know that international law protects civilian targets how can you support such a people.Jews may protect their faith till death but they will not blow up their own children to do so, those people are simply sick in the head, either because of how they were raised or something more innate. Israel is America's frontier in the middle east. The only truly sane ally (defining sane as having extremely liberal rights, and pursuing on every front a better earth through green-tech, bio-tech, and humane-related causes) in the region is constantly being tested militarily and thus serves as the perfect test ground for USA made weapons. Similarly, if one of those nations were to go berserk with a powerful attack on civilian areas in other nations (Iran : Nuke) then Israel would be America's closest safe place to launch a defensive attack, making its security in some ways more important than security of areas in non-volatile regions, such as North America.

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