Monday, November 25, 2013

Morality and God : If you don’t believe in a God, why not go around killing people, why not rape ?

Someone asked meIf you don’t believe in a God, why not go around killing people, why not rape ? After all, there is no one to judge you right ? My observation is that, often these types of questions are asked by people who tend to view the world in a very narrow minded perspective. I often redirect the question at themselves, “If you believe there is no god, will you go around raping women and killing people ? ” You’d be surprised to notice how many people would actually nod their heads saying “yes”. These are the type of people who are very dogmatic in their beliefs, and not willing to think over it. One might even say, Ignorant. An educated person would likely not to shoot these type of questions, because he/she will have recognized the implied message here. As great minds like Einstein pointed out, “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed”. Even this, is an overstatement. Religion does not use fear to motivate a person away from bad and towards good. Religion, uses Punishment and Reward to motivate fearful human beings away from “Sin” and towards “Religious Virtues“. As you continue reading you can discover, Good does not mean “virtue”. This is precisely why religious cults like the suicide bombing community consider themselves to be “good” with respect to their beliefs. In their perspective, It’s a virtue to blow things up. These cults literally brainwash and reprogram the minds of the followers.  It’s a “Sin” to consume alcohol, but mass murder is perfectly fine. Why ? Because it’s a “Virtue”. These ignorant religious extremists honestly believe that they are doing ”good”. After all, they’ve got god on their side. They have the Devine permission. Perfectly normal human beings can be brainwashed into thinking in terms of sin and virtue instead of Good and Bad. Therefore, any sadistic deed can be rationalized and reverse engineered to fit their beliefs.
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Isn’t it crazy that people are willing to blow people up, based on their ignorant, selfish, and foolish religious cult based on nothing but “faith” ? My point is, religions and religious cults can program perfectly normal human beings  into doing the worst imaginable things, and make them believe that they are doing good. After all they are simply fighting for a bigger cause, aren’t they?  The reward is unimaginable. Good and Bad has nothing to do with Sin and Virtue.  Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other religions are not much different from these cults. If you go back in history, you’d see exactly the same “virtues” as the suicide bombers now do. Fortunately religion was smart enough to evolve.  Religions can’t wait to overpower the majority. And when they do, the very next thing we might notice is, every woman will be wearing a black veil. This is not morality, this is stupidity. Our cousins who share 99.5% of our DNA, they do have morals and rituals. Where do they get their morals from ?  The Devine scriptures and ape like prophets ? Human beings are not evil. We can be selfish, ignorant and foolish. Nonetheless, we always have a positive intent in everything we do. Even the suicide bomber has a positive intent. After all, seventy-two virgins in heaven is a big reward, don’t you think ? Now thinking of commenting ?
The answer is No, I won’t run loose raping women. Hence i don’t require my women to be covered in veil.  I want to be as good as I can be. I don’t mind being a sinner, because one can be a sinner and still be a good person. Consuming poke, Drinking Alcohol, homosexuality are all considered to be sinful deeds in most of the religions. In Islam, even  music and art are forbidden. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism,  condemns protective sex.  Protective sex ? Oh yea, this makes perfect sense to me. The more children  can mean more followers, the more followers will give them more power. Protective sex means fewer followers, and therefore no wonder it’s a sin.  But does that make you a bad person ? Non-belief and doubt is a sin. Does that make you an immoral person ? Morality does not come from religion. If you answered Yes, in the absence of god you will go around shooting people and raping women, you must be ashamed of yourself. You are not a free thinker yet. You are being brainwashed into thinking what you believe is the truth, and everything else is simply untrue. How do you know ? The worst part about being brainwashed is not knowing it’s been done onto you. My advice for you is to study how cults operate. Study human behavior and belief systems. Beliefs are like programs installed inside your mind. You can uninstall them.  First, You must be aware of it. It doesn’t make sense to run a thousand year old program inside your head. These belief systems are unconscious. It takes thinking to overcome your limitations.  It doesn’t cost you to think your own thoughts, and form your own opinions. This is what makes us truly intelligent as human beings.
Once again, No, I won’t run loose raping and murdering . If I did, you’d probably notice a lot of dead bodies next to the churches and mosques. I’m just kidding. I try to have true morality. I do good not because I expect a heaven, and I stay away from bad not because I’m afraid of an angry and insecure god who will punish me for eternity, but I do good because I want to be a good person. It’s inside everyone of us. It’s in my nature, because I’m a product of nature. I’m not afraid of god. Fear is not what makes most people good. If you are a good person only because fear and wishful thinking motivates you to be one, have you really been a good person all your life ? You’re just another religious person. It’s just too easy. It’s not fear that can makes us good, it’s understanding reality and acting in harmony with it, that makes us truly good.

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