Sunday, October 6, 2013

Islam Is A Religion Of Peace?

I hope we are not now supposed to accept that all religions are equally bad, as seems to be the implication. I at least cannot forget the history of jihad that has brought us to the situation we are now in. And that will repeat itself if we are not very vigilant. If we are to consider the Crusades, then we must also consider the bloody jihad conflicts leading up to the Crusades.

When the UN authorised the formation of the nation of Israel, it was not just in recognition of recent genocide in Europe, but also the past history of the Jewish people in the mideast and their oppression since the time of the Romans. Remember that Jewish tribes were numerous in the region, including the Arabian Peninsular, until Mohammed ordered that they all be eradicated from the whole of that land, which was achieved within a few years of the death of the prophet. It took a uniquely hateful creed to drive and motivate the Arab Muslims to wipe out all traces of others so piously over such a long period of history, albeit not continuously. The decline of Christians and Zoroastrians and other faiths as well as Jews was a merciless process which will only be complete after the destruction of Israel, and what is left of Lebanon.

According to Hugh Fitzgerald: When speaking of the Middle East, liberal elites in the West like to speak of “root causes.” There is nothing wrong with that, except that the root causes they seize upon are a product of Arab propaganda – a fact of which people like Clinton, Blair and Obama are probably not even aware.

Where this propaganda has achieved its greatest success is in the reversal of the “root cause” of the conflict: instead of an Israeli David beset by vast, oil-rich Arab potentates, the narrative is now of an Israeli Goliath oppressing a tiny, embattled, never before heard of “Palestinian people”.

What is needed is a public education campaign to reverse the Arab reversal and set things in their proper light. It was once readily apparent that the reason for the Arab-Israel conflict was Arab intransigence; the Moslem world’s backward belief that the entire Middle East somehow belongs to them and that non-Moslems have no right to be there, except as second-class citizens willing to submit to the Islamic boot.

Shmuel spelled out the real root cause in his monograph “No Solution to the Arab-Palestinian Problem” (Dawn Publishing Co., 1985):

The correct definition of the root of the conflict over the Land of Israel or, in current phraseology, the “heart of the problem” is the determination of the entire Arab nation, under the inspiration of Islam, to rule over the whole area from the Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean and from the southern border of Turkey to the southern border of the Sudan. This was why they launched a war against the embryonic state, dispatching a vanguard of forces to abort its birth. The Arab states were going to wreak death and destruction in Palestine as the Mongols had in the 13th century, as Azzam Pasha, the secretary of the Arab League, declared at the time.

The perfectly simple fact — though its ramifications are hard and bitter — is that the failure of the attempt to strangle the nascent state did not weaken by one iota the Arabs’ liquidationist design. That design is rooted in Arab history and woven into the very fabric of the Islamic faith. The contemporary Arab objective is not the result of twentieth-century covetousness alone. The Arabs feeling of lordship over all these vast domains derives from memories of the past or, more precisely, from an imaginary notion of past glory, and it is fed by a desire for vengeance against the Western world. In the Arabs’ view, they were humiliated for hundreds of years, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries, by the Western Christian powers — even though they, as Muslims, are the bearers of a superior religion.

When the Muslims dominated immense stretches of the world, the Jews and the Christians under their rule had a debased and inferior status: they were second-class citizens. By the grace of the Muslim ruler they were granted the status of dhimmis, or a subject minority, of protege citizens whom the ruler protected at will — and they paid special taxes.

The myth of the Palestinian People has reversed the true understanding of the conflict, making the local Arabs the supposed underdogs against the mighty Jews. It is time to reverse the reversal. What, are we supposed to support 56 Muslim states in the region and tut at the existence of one Jewish state? When that one Jewish state gives full rights to it's Arab Muslim citizens while the Muslim states have driven out most of their Jews, or made life intolerable for them? When Israel is the most advanced and democratic nation in the region? Once again, it is important to point out that the jihad did not begin in September 2001, and it is not aimed solely, or even mostly, at Christians in North America and Europe. The jihad has nothing to do with the existence of the state of modern Israel, or the existence of the United States of America. Jihad is the 1,350 year war of conquest by Muslims against non-Muslims (and fellow Muslims), to impose sharia law on all persons in all places. Victories in those battles of conquest are marked by the desecration of the houses of worship of non-Muslims, and the murder, enslavement, and humiliation of conquered non-Muslims.

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