Sunday, September 22, 2013

Israel, The Only Democracy In The Middle East

For me, one of the least-justifiable world beliefs is Anti-Semitism. For a nation-sized group of people to declare “death” to another nation in the world’s history means its intent is war. For many nations to declare similar intent has, in two major twentieth century instances, resulted in world wars. But for many nations of the Middle East dedicated to Israel’s harassment and destruction, intentionally to declare such hatred against a little nation of almost seven million people is astounding. In each of the seven wars declared upon Israel since 1948, she was attacked first. I know that several ‘Palestinians’ had to (and chose to) move when that small land was voted in Nov. 1947 by the UN for the “Partition of Palestine,” proposing the creation of a Jewish State, an Arab State, and a UN-administered Jerusalem. This was to be a homeland for the world Jews and the Arabs, but the Arabs rejected it. This land had been homeland for many Jews who have lived there for over 3000 years. There are now more Arabs and ‘Palestinians’ within the present borders of Israel than were there on the arrival of the displaced Jews in 1948. In fact, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Jews, Christians, and Muslims have the right to vote, and women enjoy full political rights. Israel also welcomes legal immigration. With only 2 percent of the population of the Middle East and only half that of New York City, this little county has more Nobel Prize winners, PhDs, scientists, physicians, and the largest percentage of its workforce employed in the technical professions per capita in the world. The “lemming” phenomenon used here refers to the millions of Arabs, ‘Palestinians,’ Iranians, Europeans, Russians and too many Americans, who depend upon false, but ubiquitous, media and religious persuasive prodding to “believe” in the ‘evil’ of Zionism and the Jews. They do not know Israel, and they show no discernable interest in learning the realities of this small but dynamic democratic nation. They are willing to accept hatred towards Israel because so many of their religious and political leaders stress it. Their children grow up in it; it is almost mothers’ milk to them.
“Arabs and other Muslims who hate America (and the West)
1. Because America alone (with Israel) prevents the expansion of Islamic rule;
2. Because expansionist totalitarian movements, whether Soviet communism or radical Islam, always hate free societies;
3. Because America is not only strong, it is religious;
4. Because America is not only Christian; it is Judeo-Christian, the two religions the Islamists must overcome to expand globally.”

Hatred, of course, provokes anger, and anger can well cover envy that just might creep into observation of the success of that little country. But ignorant pride will suppress any clear evidence that could produce envy, so that they would be unable to recognize or acknowledge it. They will thus simply continue their hating. They continue to indoctrinate their children with it. However, more than just covering their inferiority, the haters of Israel (and America) loathe everything these democracies stand for; namely, freedom, democracy, individual autonomy and liberty, openness, freedom of religion, and women’s equality. The educated fools and the Israel- and America-haters of the West ignore all this and blame Israel for trying to exist and America for enabling it to do so. The ultimate world intent of the Muslim infiltration of Europe and the US is for the establishment of sharia law and domination of the West. Should they ultimately succeed, then their inferiority would be in the majority and be dominant. Thus by suppression, they could eliminate the superior education, democracy, and standard-of-living of the West. Geert Wilders a Dutch member of Parliament, insists that Islam in its essence is a political ideology and means ‘submission.’ It is not compatible with freedom and democracy, because it strives for sharia. Since the lawful boarding of the blockade-running ship, the Mavi-Marmara, in Israel’s self-defense blockade of Gaza, the UN is moving to set up a kangaroo-court that will rule that Israel has no right to defend itself, and this Obama regime is remaining silent. The US (I should say,” Obama.”) is failing to support Israel. By his actions he also disregards our Constitution. Still, the US Constitution stands for the creation of and protection of private property and national security. By his decisions and misleading speeches, this President is disgracing and weakening our great country. By his actions, Barack Obama has demonstrated that he does not support Israel. He is cold-shouldering most of the United States allies, particularly Israel, which is the only democracy of the Middle East. He is doing it in spite of the will of the majority of the US people. In short, his actions are truly of anti-American interest.

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