Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Americans administrations and the Middle East

It's time that Christians realize that we tongues-talking Holy Ghost charismatics are not all right wingers. We come in all political persuasions. God bless America. The Church, which is His Body, includes Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Socialists, Independents, Liberals, Conservatives, etc. etc. etc. Jesus is still the Head of His many-membered Body. I'm not a conservative or a liberal or a moderate. I'm a tongues-talking Holy Ghost preacher of the Full Gospel. God loves them all just the same, and calls every politically minded religionite to the cross and to His prayer tower. Sadly, the "anti-God" Klan isn't in Washington alone. It's in the so-called Christian community. We tongues-talking, Holy Ghost filled charismatics will stand against them all, in the Name of Jesus, by by the Blood of the Lamb. We pray for the President of the United State of America, and pray the Blessing of Almighty God upon him and his gracious family. We haven't seen an example of such a solid family in the White House for many years. They are living out what we have called Family Values. God bless them, and God bless the United States of America. It's wonderful to have a Brother in Christ in the White House. It is amazing that the focus is on Obama and negates any facts pertaining to prior Presidential Administration's and their role in providing aid to Egypt. As recently as 2006, Bush was providing 2 billion $ annually to Egypt. Since 1979, USA was 1.3 billion $ annually to Eqypt. Mr. French does a poor disservice to those who are unable to filter through the concept that this is not solely an Obama issue. It is a Bush issue, a Clinton issue, another Bush issue, a Reagan issue, and a Carter issue.In total, various administrations have provided 50 billion $! To elucidate the truth for people who are unwilling to fact check and will believe anything that is presented without the underlying whole issue exposed, is not a difficult task when we are willing to lay aside presuppositions. Furthermore, if we stick to the main argument of this article which focuses on Obama's role in ending the current aid to Egypt, you have to understand that this issue is bound within US lav which is a creative mess to navigate. But, let's start with the facts to state that Obama has not done anything is not true. On July 24, Obama decided to suspend the delivery of four F-16 fighters to Egypt and on August 15 he canceled a regular military exercise with the Egyptian army. Under U.S. law, economic aid that goes to non-governmental groups as well as to government programs that promote free and fair elections, health, the environment, democracy, rule of law, and good governance are exempt from US AID cut off's. The legal entanglement and the sole reason that aid has not been completely cut off is because it cannot be determined that the events surrounding Mursi's ouster are suspect until proven to be true and within the scope of US LAW. Nevermind the fact that all of this pertains to the 1979 Camp David peace treaty with Israel. Admittedly, the fact that Christians are being systematically persecuted is horrific. However, I do not see anyone decrying the fact that this happens all over the world and blaming Obama for the fact that we intrinsically and economically support it by proxy. So yeah go ahead, blindly cut it off if you want no influence in what happens in the Middle East. Go ahead and create a hostile environment with a nation that has helped us to protect Israel for the last 50 years. Go ahead and blame Obama for everything because you don't know history! This is not a simple issue that caters to a simple national response.

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